Chalk Sound

Chalk Sound on the Providenciale Islands offers a serene getaway nestled away from the bustling downtown areas. Many of the beaches in the area experience less traffic and offer perfect areas for a private beach trip. These bays are located within walking distance of all three villas and the Sapodilla and Taylor Bay shores are blanketed with soft, fine sands ideal for a peaceful stroll along the water line.

Island Shopping, Cuisine & Activities

The tourist district is located just 9 miles from the Caicos Villas and includes a unique shopping experience and delicious island cuisine. If you don’t want to travel off the bay area for authentic seafood, Las Brisas Restaurant is located on the Chalk Sound and offers a wide variety of island activities including wind surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking. For the adventurers at heart, Chalk Sound National Park offers many exciting adventures, and the shallow bays provide the perfect spot to relax at the end of the day.

Iguana Island

Spend your time exploring the island’s beautiful terrain, take in the colorful reefs teeming with life, or schedule a tour of the island for the full experience. Have you ever wondered what the wildlife is like in paradise? Take a short trip to Iguana Island to meet the island’s most famous reptiles. Although rock iguanas once spanned across the Providenciales, the majority of the reptile species’ population can now only be found on this small off-shore haven. The island is reachable in 10 minutes using the provided kayaks or paddle boards. It’s just a 10 min paddle from the house and definitely an attraction worth seeing. 15-30 iguanas will immediately make their way to greet you as you paddle to the small island. Make sure to bring watermelon or other fruit scraps to feed them. But be prepared for they might mistaken painted toenails as fruit!

Explore the History

The Turks & Caicos Islands are home to many breathtaking caves, sinkholes, and blue lakes. Travel farther inland on Caicos Cays and you can take a step through history as you explore abandoned plantations overgrown in beautiful green ivy and colorful flora. Mudjin Harbor, located in Middle Caicos, an island favorite, is thought by many to showcase the most beautiful views on the Caribbean, and offers many memorable day trip excursions. Whale watching, kite boarding, snorkeling, and much more awaits you at Turks and Caicos!

Explore a Plane Wreck

Would you like an adventure you don’t have to drive to?  From your own beach at Caicos Cays you can take the kayaks and/or paddle boards provided and go snorkel an actual airplane wreck.  Legend has it that in the 1970’s this plane carrying marijuana crashed in the middle of the night.  It is only a 20 minute paddle directly across Chalk Sound, the wreck is only in about 5 feet of water and covered with beautiful coral and home to many colorful fish

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